Kickstart Your Business

The AJ Partner Program is designed to enable you start a business with the AJ Affiliate Marketing Suite. Activate your Partner Program entitlement and you can start earning commission for every successful AMS promotional effort. We also provide you with the right support tools to ensure your success!

Support 1: The AJ Partner Academy

Knowledge is important to ensure your success as an AJ Partner. Thus, we have developed a comprehensive education that will impart you with the right knowledge and skills.

Support 2:
Partner Portal

All-in-one system that provides 24-hours access to real-time information and resources.

Support 3:
Paperless Suite Activation

Have the ease of activating your clients’ AMS remotely, be it on your laptop or mobile phone.

How to Become an AJ Partner

• You must either be a STANDARD or PREMIUM AJ Affiliate Marketing Suite user.
• Both of these suites entitled you to become AJ Standard Partner or AJ Premium Partner respectively, at zero cost!
• To activate the entitlement, you must complete the AJ Partner Academy modules and exam
• To maintain AJ Partner status, you have to fulfil both required yearly credit hours and production

Already a STANDARD or PREMIUM AMS user?

Click on the link below to activate your AJ Partner entitlement