Our Platform

Affiliate Junction is powered by its very own affiliate marketing network. An affiliate marketing network is the structure that fosters and supports the relationship between the three central parties in affiliate marketing: the affiliates, advertisers and users.

Our network is powered by proprietary system and tools which allows it to be scalable and flexible with meeting the needs of businesses from most industries. We take pride in the ability of our network to specifically tailor a solution for specific business need.

Why AJ ?

Tools of Success

At AJ, we strive toward being the region principal hub of quality affiliates. Various support tools and education system are in placed to ensure that advertisers’ business needs are met at the most optimum level through the mobilisation of high-performing affiliates. The platform houses intuitive management system for both advertiser and affiliate so both parties could easily access a wealth of information and accurately track the progress of their marketing initiatives.

Robust and Versatile

Our affiliate marketing platform delivers unrivaled system and user experience that accommodates to variety of corporate sectors and industries. AJ is integrated with its own innovative proprietary network system that could be customised according to the requirements of each advertiser and provides assortments of programs that affiliates could delve into. It is our mission to be the definitive go-to affiliate marketing platform in the ASEAN region.

Get Started

The way we communicate and how we consume information has evolved tremendously over the past decade. Recognising these developments, AJ is designed to ensure that the right methods and tools are used to connect and network with the target audience. AJ ensures that the optimal message is communicated successfully & accurately for advertisers and for affiliates to have the ease of access to different audiences effectively.