Getting Started

Get a Head Start

Want to get a head start in becoming an entrepreneur? Then become Affiliate Junction’s affiliate and start to build your career! Join AJ community that is home to some of the most notable top performing affiliates in Malaysia. Take part in affiliate marketing and be the marketing force for AJ’s advertisers. For all your successful marketing efforts, our system will ensure that you will be incentivised. You could even just start by first recommending products/services to your family, friends and colleagues. Joining AJ really is a simple way for you to start getting rewarded and gain a foothold in the affiliate marketing entrepreneurship industry.


Evolve, Grow and Succeed

Our goal at AJ is not merely to be the platform for affiliate marketing, but also to be the launching pad of your career as an entrepreneur. We have developed the right set of tools and support system that encourage our affiliates to harness and sharpen their talents and skills in venturing into starting their own enterprise. To become an AJ affiliate, you need to first be a registered business entity. We strongly believe in forming a mutually beneficial business-to-business synergy with our affiliates. We want you and your company to achieve greatness in AJ.


Second to None

It is our goal to uphold the highest quality of network to ensure our affiliates receive only the best system support and access to wide range of entrepreneurial opportunities. You will be glad to know that AJ encourages generation of your own innovative ideas and creativity as the network is capable of accommodating multitudes of business programs from virtually all industries. Let AJ help you to evolve, grow, and succeed as an entrepreneur.


We provide you with excellent tools for success.

Real-time Tracking & Insight

The transparency of our network lets you view all activities in real-time where all affiliate program transactions are securely recorded so that you may have instant insight to your progress.

Communication Avenue

Our affiliate tool suite is equipped with the means that allow you to effectively and efficiently get connected to both advertisers and target audience.

Pay Out Management

AJ’s motto is ‘Where performance gets rewarded’ and that’s exactly what we deliver. All of your successful endeavours will be incentivised with accuracy and will be managed wholly by our system.

Advance Targeting

Along with the ability to communicate, you will also be able to strategically plan your engagement so that the effectiveness of each touchpoint could be optimised.

Resource Centre

We take responsibility to ensure that you are well-prepared with all the right information and our resources are designed to elevate your business skills and talent to the next level.

Database Analysis

All of the data of advertisers and users you procured are systematically documented to form a database that you could analyse to make the right and prompt business decisions.

Education System

Quality Assurance

As we place an importance in driving quality leads to advertisers, we recognise the importance
of providing the best education system to our affiliates.


Accessible through our online portal, AJ’s knowledgebase is home to extensive and comprehensive resources that are readily available to our affiliates to fortify their business acumen. These resources serve as the primary guide for any affiliate that are kick-starting their career in AJ. We also constantly update our resource centre in order to ensure everyone stays abreast with all the latest information and trends.

Education Event

We actively organise various affiliate events throughout the year where they serve the purpose of strengthening the bond within our affiliate community as well as the time for everyone to share their experience and knowledge with one another. Educational talks are given during these events to further empower affiliates with the right skills and mind set to achieve success.

Team of Experts

AJ is home to some of the industry’s leading and experienced experts. We have formed a leadership team that consist of the top entrepreneur performers in AJ. They share their knowledge and provide guidance to all affiliates to assist them in making the right decision to achieve their business target. .