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Whether you are running a traditional brick-and-mortar retail business or an online banking service provider, AJ offers you comprehensive and innovative affiliate marketing solutions. Our experienced and dedicated affiliate marketing team will work closely with you to understand your business and marketing needs in order to craft a winning affiliate marketing strategy just for your business .


Unbeatable Channel

Our network is the definitive platform for advertisers to leverage on a channel that is primed to increase their user base and/or generation of more revenue. We designed our network to exactly meet the needs of advertisers as well as being scalable with its ability to accommodate to the ever changing business landscape. The network is equipped with comprehensive tool suite to assist you in making the most out of your participation in AJ. The network is also home to Malaysia’s top performing affiliate entrepreneur community.


Practical and Effective

Comprehensive Insight

With the real-time tracking feature of our system, all of our advertisers are able to observe the progress of their participation in any of AJ’s affiliate programs. Thus, easing the process for advertisers to make sound business decisions.


Being performance-based is a key feature of AJ. You will only have to incentivise our affiliates when there are successful leads generated. Allowing you to be cost effective and receive optimal results with your marketing campaigns.

Solid Affiliate

AJ’s current affiliate base is now standing at over 20,000 registered business entities and they have been vetted to ensure they are excellent performers. We want your business and brand to grow through the excellent results our affiliates are primed to produce.


Our system provides the tools for advertisers to communicate directly to our consumer database. This equipped you with an effective channel to communicate efficiently and also being able to strategically plan your engagement method as the database could be filtered to various segments and demographic.

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